Behind the Scenes of a Book Launch Event

Dec 14, 2020 | Events, On the Farm

The BEST stories about events are the behind-the-scenes ones…the ones that most people don’t know about!

The day before the Book Launch Event, my brother, Rick, and a bunch of friends who volunteered to help (and me!) slopped through a muddy, messy field at the Twin Brooks Horse Show Association, to put up his 30′ x 30′ tent. Thankfully, Larry, the President of Twin Brooks, stopped us before we put up the tent in that slippery muddy messy field! Larry directed us to a better location, and we were all happy about that! With all of the help we had, the tent went up quickly.

My “secret story” of the Book Launch Event is the morning of the event. It was still dark when I drove to my farm to feed my Arabian horses and barn cats, and my car was driving funny, and it was making funny noises. When I got home from feeding at the farm, it was lighter outside and I found out the reason for the noise and funny-feeling-driving…my car had a FLAT TIRE! Flat as a pancake!

When my brother got to my home before 8 am, I pointed to my car’s flat tire, with my car already packed up and ready to go. Rick just hung his head and said, “Oh, no!” Well, it wasn’t raining like it was supposed to be, so we loaded up his truck bed with all of the things we needed…including the boxes of books… for the Book Launch Event, and it all fit! Then, we STUFFED 20 HELIUM BALLOONS into the front seat of his truck, along with RICK AND ME! We laughed the entire way to the event…I could not see AT ALL out the windshield, and Rick could hardly see either! Just enough to drive safely! I had him take a photo of me in the front seat…and, I’m sharing it with you!
We worked at getting the tent decorated and arranged for the book signing space, the vendor tables and the special activities for the children. The others started arriving to set their tables up. And the event was about to begin!

My publisher, Marsha Blessing, privately presented me with a beautiful keepsake framed shadowbox with my book and a special message from her, the date, and the perfect little decorative green apples. What a very special memento, from a very special professional associate and friend.

Then the people who attended the event started to arrive…a steady stream of people of all ages. The Book Launch Event was over way too soon…it was scheduled for 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. and people who came early stayed for the entire event.

I’ll never forget setting the tent up in the muddy field the day before and then having a flat tire in my car the morning of the event…it’s all part of the “behind-the-scenes” secret stories that make any event fun!

Have your own adventure…TODAY!