Charlie – “Uncle Freckles”

Book Two, Story Five

“Uncle Freckles” is named for a cat that came to my farm from the woods. He was eventually named Charlie by my farm neighbors who adopted him and gave him a good home. Charlie is a very handsome and affectionate cat; he is a fixed/neutered male. I have no idea where he came from or why he came to my barn. Charlie roamed the woods and fields, but he ate at the barn and stayed at the barn for shelter at night. Charlie is a cat who likes new adventures, so I was not surprised one day when I received a phone call from my farm neighbors, Mark and Lizette Castelli. They said that for the past few days and nights there was a cat on their porch all the time who kept trying to get into their home. Charlie had been missing from the barn for a few days, so I suspected it was him. When they described the cat to me over the phone, asking if it was one of my barn cats, I knew it was Charlie! At first they just fed Charlie outside, but he was persistent and wiggled his way into their home…and then very soon afterward into their hearts. Charlie had found a good home at my barn, but he had a better home with Mark and Lizette—he got all of their attention! Mark taught Charlie how to give him his paw when Mark gets out the “treats.” Charlie knows my voice, and when I am at the barn and call “kitty, kitty, kitty” in the evening to gather my barn cats from the fields and woods and he happens to be outside (he goes outside their home for a short while most days), he will sometimes come to my barn to visit me. Charlie will rub against my leg, walk through the barn like he owns it, just checking it out, and then rub against my leg before he leaves to go “home.” I am not sure if he comes to the barn to say “hello” to me or is just being curious about where he used to live in my barn, but I am always happy to see him. Charlie is the name that Mark and Lizette gave to him.



What Our Readers Say…

Kim McLain
Camp Hill, PA
‘Wolfie the Most Beautiful Pony in the World’ was my favorite in Adventures At Green Apple Acres because I strive to see the inner beauty in people and other beings. As an example, my favorite dogs have always been mutts — not classically built, with features that can be easily judged, like purebreds at shows — but scruffy, one-of-a-kind companions, with personalities as unique as their outward appearances. And when I was in school, I avoided the cliques of girls who seemed overly concerned with their looks and clothing. Instead, I gravitated toward those who may not have been perfect on the outside, but they had a brain and a sense of humor, which I found much more interesting than a pretty dress or impeccable make-up and hair. So, like the character John, I can appreciate someone for all they have to offer, and see past what meets the eye.