Coco – “Cocoa”

Book Two, Story Two

Coco is a pit bull with such a sweet face! She was featured in a newsletter from the Humane Society of the Harrisburg Area and her face was one that I just could not forget…so I wrote a story with her face in my mind. Fortunately, Coco was adopted and is now living in a happy forever home with her adoptive owners. Whatever her “real story”, she now has not only a happy home, but also a story in this book written just for her. The pit bull breed sometimes gets an undeserved bad reputation. Pit bulls often make good family pets. Special thanks to Amy Kaunus, Executive Director, Humane Society of the Harrisburg (PA) Area, and her staff for all of the great work they do in our community for both animals and people. Please remember to consider adopting a pet (or two!) from your local Humane Society…these dogs and cats make great pets, bringing happiness to the lives of both animal and new owner.



What Our Readers Say…

Maria R. English
Hershey, PA
My great niece, Gianna, loves animals and I knew the Adventures at Green Apple Acres book series would be a wonderful Christmas gift for her, so I purchased all three books. Gianna read the stories in all three books and enjoyed all of the adventures of the farm animals. To add to the excitement, I arranged a visit to Cynthia’s farm for Gianna and me. Gianna got to meet Shiloh! Those two bonded like they knew each other forever! We could tell in Gianna’s eyes during our visit that she was on top of the world! Many of the animals at Cynthia’s farm are in the stories of her books. Thank you, Cynthia, for writing these stories. The stories not only give children an opportunity to escape into another world, but also, they teach life lessons. Gianna and I are looking forward to future books and more adventures for the animals on the farm!