Coco – “Cocoa”

Book Two, Story Two

Coco is a pit bull with such a sweet face! She was featured in a newsletter from the Humane Society of the Harrisburg Area and her face was one that I just could not forget…so I wrote a story with her face in my mind. Fortunately, Coco was adopted and is now living in a happy forever home with her adoptive owners. Whatever her “real story”, she now has not only a happy home, but also a story in this book written just for her. The pit bull breed sometimes gets an undeserved bad reputation. Pit bulls often make good family pets. Special thanks to Amy Kaunus, Executive Director, Humane Society of the Harrisburg (PA) Area, and her staff for all of the great work they do in our community for both animals and people. Please remember to consider adopting a pet (or two!) from your local Humane Society…these dogs and cats make great pets, bringing happiness to the lives of both animal and new owner.



What Our Readers Say…

Kim McLain
Camp Hill, PA
‘Wolfie the Most Beautiful Pony in the World’ was my favorite in Adventures At Green Apple Acres because I strive to see the inner beauty in people and other beings. As an example, my favorite dogs have always been mutts — not classically built, with features that can be easily judged, like purebreds at shows — but scruffy, one-of-a-kind companions, with personalities as unique as their outward appearances. And when I was in school, I avoided the cliques of girls who seemed overly concerned with their looks and clothing. Instead, I gravitated toward those who may not have been perfect on the outside, but they had a brain and a sense of humor, which I found much more interesting than a pretty dress or impeccable make-up and hair. So, like the character John, I can appreciate someone for all they have to offer, and see past what meets the eye.