Adventures at Green Apple Acres in the Woods Book Six


Adventures at Green Apple Acres Book Six,
features animals on the farm…in the woods! A little different than the horses and barn cats featured in the stories in the previous books. Two barn cats and two horses are in the stories to link the farm horses and cats with the farm animals in the woods. Animals navigate challenges on the farm learning big life lessons. Interactive questions after every story. Morals and lessons in each story. Five stories in the book. Beautiful illustrations. Real photos of the animals in the back of the book if they are real.

In the Woods animals are an opossum who thinks she is ugly; a barred owl who is afraid to fly higher; a raccoon who lies to her mother, more than once; a skunk and a barn cat who are friends, but the other barn cats and the other skunks do not like their friendship; and a herd of deer who are searching for a new home in the woods.

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Stories in Book Six:

“Ruby the Opossum Takes a Second Look”…Beauty is who you are on the inside: your heart, your character, how much you care about others, and your integrity.

“Oliver the Owl Soars to New Heights”…Overcoming your fears brings exciting new adventures.

“Tessie the Raccoon Tells a Lie”…A lie hurts everyone; it’s always best to tell the truth.

“Tattoo the Barn Cat and Tippy the Skunk, a Unique Friendship”…Companionship is very important. Follow your heart when choosing your friends.

“Tuck the Deer Leads his Herd to a New Home”…Choosing a new home is a difficult decision. It’s not only the location that’s important; it’s the animals in that community, too.

Each story includes…

  • A moral and lesson for children told through the farm animals’ experiences.
  • Apple Nuggets from Dee Dee, a summary that touches upon the themes and lessons.
  • Apple Niblets, encouraging readers to think about the themes or discuss them with caregivers.
  • Seeds of Wisdom, inspirational quotations that match each story’s theme.
  • Plus Apple Critters, at the end of the book, featuring photos of the real-life animals who inspired the characters.

And so these were special times at Green Apple Acres, a magical place where adventures are always a moment away, and there are always lessons to be learned!

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8 to 12, younger children also enjoy the stories and beautiful illustrations