Book Three, Story Two

Skipper is a Quarter Horse that is owned by Roxie Hughes. Both Skipper and Roxie are very popular with children! Children with cancer really do paint their hands and put their handprints on his coat. Skipper is very patient and very calm, just like in the story. Skipper is often used at benefit events to raise money for children with cancer. Skipper is gold in color and, also has a heart of gold. That is how I got the idea for this special Christmas story! Skipper and Roxie are a great team…they have a good time together in whatever they do! They bring great joy to children recovering from cancer.



What Our Readers Say…

Angie Forry, and daughter, Olivia, age 5
Lebanon, PA
Last evening I read the first story of your book, ‘Shiloh and the Barn Mouse’ to my daughter, Olivia. She loved the story so much that last night she went to sleep hugging the book. This morning when I left for work she was paging through it with her friend. She was so happy and excited! We will start reading the other stories this weekend. This is Olivia’s most favorite book EVER!