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Tikki is a gray-and-white cat that was born at my farm to my barn cat, Misty. This was the only litter Misty delivered before I got her spayed. Tikki was the only girl in the litter of four. Her brothers are Tattoo, Tinker and Totem, also featured in stories in several books. Tikki is special in every way. She is soft and friendly and loves to be petted. Tikki was the perfect cat to pick for the story about Mr. Mottle in Book Two, Story Four, since she is so curious and friendly. If Mr. Mottle would have had a cat friend at Green Apple Acres, it would be Tikki!

Tikki is the sweetest cat in the world! She is curious and often just sits or lays and watches all the activity at the farm. Sometimes Tikki sits in the stall I am cleaning and just keeps me company. Tikki has a very innocent expression on her pretty face. The real Tikki never actually wanders too far from the barn, but in Book Three, Story One, Tikki wanders to where she is not allowed to go…the far fields. I picked Tikki, my barn cat, for this story because she is so sweet. If ever there was a cat at my barn that would want a “shining star” gift for her mother, it would be Tikki! You can also read about Tikki’s mother, Misty, and her brothers, Tattoo, Totem and Tinker that also live at my farm.



What Our Readers Say…

Paul Pintarch, “Pappy”, to granddaughters Kenzie and Lily
Hummelstown, PA
Recently I took the opportunity to read the first story of Book One, “Shiloh and the Barn Mouse”. I thought I would read it first before reading it to my granddaughters. That story was heartwarming and very touching. It also had me thinking about the times I get scared, and how I felt and still feel at times. I thought it was an excellent story of confidence. That little Loco sure knew a big amount about confidence.