Welcome to my “Down on the Farm” Blog! I’ll be updating this on a regular basis with news from my own farm and farm animals.

Green Apple Acres is the farm in my book, Adventures in Green Apple Acres…my real farm is at the foot of the Blue Ridge Mountains in Pennsylvania. This is the place where I find great peace, enjoy the beauty of nature and my menagerie, and the place where I get inspirations for the Green Apple Acres stories in my book. There are so many ideas that my Arabian horses and my barn cats inspire in me that I could write a hundred stories…I have my next book’s five stories written already!

To celebrate the “birth” of this new blog, I thought it might be good to celebrate births of another kind…kitties at the farm! This Fall, both Banjo and Bandy had litters of four kitties each. Banjo and Bandy are feral cats from the woods around my farm who get a good meal and find shelter in my barn. Banjo is all black. Bandy was named because she looks like a “bandit”….the black and white markings on her face make her look like she is wearing a mask.

Since the two litters of kittens were born around the same time, they soon found each other in the barn and became great buddies! They wrestle together and nap together…they eat together and play together….they hide together, but most of the time, I can still see them. Sometimes they play by chasing bugs like moths and grasshoppers and if it’s a little windy, they chase hay strands that slide across the barn aisle. I love to watch these kittens play…sometimes, they arch their backs and jump sideways then pounce on their target…sometimes the target is not even moving! I wonder what they are thinking when they pounce on a strand of hay…what do they imagine that strand of hay is, some kind of tasty treat, a new playmate? They soon lose interest and move on to other exciting things to do.

I have named a few of the kitties…Dewey, Chewy, Chili, Beanie and Tippy (black with a white tip on his tail…can you find him in the photo?). Three more to name…all three are all white with a smudge of black on the top of their heads…every one of them has this black smudge mark in the same place!

Look for more stories about the kitties and other barn cats, and my Arabian horses in my future “Down on the Farm “ blogs!
Have your own adventure…today!