Book Five, Story Two

Even though Ghost is a real feral cat at my farm, no one sees him because he runs away so FAST all the time. I am lucky if I see him myself when I am at the farm! I’ve seen Ghost peeking around the corner of the barn door, and also hiding and peeking out from under the hay barn. Once I saw him watching me while he was hiding in high grass outside a pasture gate. If he knew that I saw him he would have run away again. My friends Joe and Joanne bring their grandsons, Brandon and Ryan, to the farm to visit and see the farm animals. One time Ryan was facing a wall inside the barn at the right time and WHOOSH, Ghost ran up a plank of wood to a space over the feed room. Ryan got excited and asked me, “Who is that cat?” I told him about Ghost. Ryan is the only other person to have seen Ghost…until now, when you, the reader, can see a photo of him! One day I was very surprised to see Ghost napping in the shade outside my barn door…I pulled out my phone camera, got ready and quickly…very, very quickly…snapped this photo of Ghost! He was gone in an instant. I’m so excited to share this photo of Ghost with you!



What Our Readers Say…

Nancy and Frank Shay, and children, Ryan and Sara Rappoport
Davenport, FL
We enjoyed meeting you at the Horse World Expo and what you said to Ryan has stayed with him. He just recently used your book as his main focus for his oral presentation at school. We have read your entire book as a family and absolutely love the moral messages behind each story. What a gift you have!