Book Four, Story Three & Five

Tinker, all gray, is a real barn cat at my farm. Tinker was actually the inspiration for this story because he really does run everywhere; he never walks! Tinker was born at my barn to a barn cat that was given to me as a gift when I first moved to my farm. Misty, his mother, was a very scared cat and I could not catch her to have her spayed/fixed like I did the other cats. So, Misty got pregnant and delivered four special kittens…brothers Tattoo, Tinker, Totem, and sister, Tikki. Shortly after the kittens were weaned (they could eat on their own), I was able to catch Misty and have her spayed/fixed so that she would not have any more kittens. Misty and her four kittens are featured in many of the stories in my books. Now, Tinker has his own story!



What Our Readers Say…

The Kohr Family Todd, Kathy, Maddie and Garrett Kohr
Palmyra, PA
Maddie loves Adventures at Green Apple Acres — she has already read the first three stories. I asked her which story was her favorite and she said ‘I can’t decide because they are all so good’. She is excited to read the next story with me.