Adventures at Green Apple Acres Book Five


Adventures at Green Apple Acres,
the award-winning children’s book series by author Cynthia A. Sudor, welcomes its newest installment, Book Five, as the adventures continue! Animals on the farm overcome challenges and learn big life lessons as they interact with each other and navigate situations similar to ones that children experience in their own lives.

“The life lessons that the farm animals learn in the stories in my books impact the lives of young readers in a positive way. Throughout each story, readers identify with the experiences of the farm animals, putting themselves and their friends into the situations and lessons learned. Every experience we have contributes to our growth, makes us stronger, wiser, and a better person!”

– Cynthia A. Sudor, author

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Stories in Book Five:

“Smokey, The Sassy, Spunky, Sometimes Stubborn Pony”…Asking for what you want, working to achieve your dreams, and risking bigger challenges in life to learn and grow!

“Ghost the Cat Finds a Family”…Sharing love, friendship, and responsibility in our families and communities!

“Bumberlenicky, the Miniature Donkey Who Could Not Say Hee Haw”…Stay true to your uniqueness!

“Blackjack Cowboy and the Magic Stones”…Be the magic in your own life!

“The Wise Old Stallion Syd”…Honoring your elders!

Each story includes…

  • A moral and lesson for children told through the farm animals’ experiences.
  • Apple Nuggets from Dee Dee, a summary that touches upon the themes and lessons.
  • Apple Niblets, encouraging readers to think about the themes or discuss them with caregivers.
  • Seeds of Wisdom, inspirational quotations that match each story’s theme.
  • Plus Apple Critters, at the end of the book, featuring photos of the real-life animals who inspired the characters.

And so these were special times at Green Apple Acres, a magical place where adventures are always a moment away, and there are always lessons to be learned!

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8 to 12, younger children also enjoy the stories and beautiful illustrations