Adventures at Green Apple Acres Book One


Adventures at Green Apple Acres
is a magical place where farm animals live together, face challenges and succeed in overcoming life’s obstacles. In the process, they learn some big life lessons…with the help of their friends, both human and animal.

By using farm animals to illustrate real life situations and weaving a moral into each story, Author, Cynthia A. Sudor, allows young adults to identify with the animals, read how each character faces and navigates each challenge, and in the end, learns a life lesson from the animal’s experience and eventual success.

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Stories in Book One:

"Shiloh and the Barn Mouse”…Confidence

“Bon Bon’s Big Ears”…Accepting Yourself for Who You Are

“Wolfie the Most Beautiful Pony in the World”…True Beauty Comes From the Heart

“Sabrina the Mystery Cat”…Embracing Adventure and Discovery

“Glory Beatrice To the Rescue”…Being a Responsible Person in the Community

And so these were special times at Green Apple Acres, a magical place where adventures are always a moment away, and there are always lessons to be learned!

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8–12. Great for reading, learning and gift giving!