Smokey the Cat

Book Two, Story Two

Smokey was the very first kitten born in my new barn along with his brother, Sonny. They were born to a feral cat I named “Mama”. She was a good mother to both of them. I was amazed to find Smokey and Sonny as tiny kittens on a bale of hay one morning when I arrived at the barn. This was in the month of October, the same month I moved my Arabian horses into my newly built barn. Their mother was nowhere in sight, but she sure picked a nice, soft, safe place to bring her new kittens! Mama eventually came by to feed her kittens, and that is how I met their mother. Smokey and Sonny loved to play! I remember them both as kittens jumping for joy, high up in the air, to catch newly discovered snowflakes falling from the sky…they were still so young when the first snow arrived. And, they loved to play with the lead ropes in the barn that were wrapped on the stall hooks…they rolled with the knotted ends of the lead ropes and I could only imagine what adventures they were having in their minds as they played with those long hanging ropes! I loved to watch them play as young kittens!



What Our Readers Say…

Paul Pintarch, “Pappy”, to granddaughters Kenzie and Lily
Hummelstown, PA
Recently I took the opportunity to read the first story of Book One, “Shiloh and the Barn Mouse”. I thought I would read it first before reading it to my granddaughters. That story was heartwarming and very touching. It also had me thinking about the times I get scared, and how I felt and still feel at times. I thought it was an excellent story of confidence. That little Loco sure knew a big amount about confidence.