Tiger and Callie

Book Two, Story Five

Tiger was one of the first kittens born at my farm. Tiger is a very pretty striped orange cat, as feral (wild) as Ebbie, her woods-born mother. Ebbie, Tiger’s mother, is still the scarediest cat I have ever met! Although Tiger never lets me pet her, she always brings her kittens to meet me. I am always able to hold and pet her kittens, so they are not feral, and then I can find them good homes. Her kittens are all very friendly to me and to visitors to the farm. Callie, one of her kittens who is in this story, is such a sweetheart, very loving, the only kitten in Tiger’s litter that spring. I named Tiger not only for her orange stripes, but also in honor of my nephew, Ryan, who loves tigers and has a collection of them—all kinds of stuffed animals and anything to do with tigers. I named Callie for her calico colors. Tiger and Callie were perfect for this story since what they did in this story is exactly what they would have done if the story was true!



What Our Readers Say…

The Kohr Family Todd, Kathy, Maddie and Garrett Kohr
Palmyra, PA
Maddie loves Adventures at Green Apple Acres — she has already read the first three stories. I asked her which story was her favorite and she said ‘I can’t decide because they are all so good’. She is excited to read the next story with me.